Janos Dan: Postal Censorship in Hungary


Monograph, handbook and Catalogue

A4 format, 234 pages.

Full color, hardcover.

Threaded and in three languages (Hungarian, German, English).

Price: 35.-USD + Post (To USA and Great Brittan 29.-USD)

ISBN: 978-615-01-4572-3

In the present, second book the author enumerates the types and marks of open censorship which were used on civil and field post deliveries during the Second World War and the following year. There is no adaptation yet which is so comprehensive and catalogued in this topic as this book.
Years of collecting and research of the author preceded the completion of this work, which was helped by numerous renowned collectors through the deliveries and data from their collections.
The author introduces the censor marks which were used on civil deliveries during the war and the following year, as well as the marks which were used by central censorship and the marks of open commander censorship which were used on field post deliveries.
The book not only introduces Hungarian censor marks but also the ones which occur on deliveries sent to Hungary the most often so that it could help the collectors identify them and decide on their rarity. The book serves as an excellent catalogue for collectors because of the charts in them. Yet it is exceptionally rich in illustrations; more than four hundred pictures can be found in it. It introduces each and every censor mark on postal deliveries. Therefore, based on the illustrations and charts, the censor marks on similar deliveries which can be found in the collections of the collectors can be perfectly identified.
The book is well edited and clear; thus, it is easy to search in it. This is further helped by introducing the used censor marks in chronological order.
This fundamental work is indispensable for those who collect from this time period or are interested in the topic if they want to get a full picture of the operation of censorship and its markings on postal deliveries.